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Topamax FDA Warning

The Food and Drug Administration has determined that topiramate, a drug used to prevent seizures and migraines, is dangerous when taken during pregnancy, as it may increase the risk of fetal harm. This announcement came on March 4, 2011.

Mothers who took Topamax during pregnancy before the warning was issued may be eligible for financial compensation from the drug’s manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson. Share your story with the Topamax lawsuit lawyers of Williams Kherkher today at 800-641-9810 to learn more.

The FDA’s Findings

After studying the drug topiramate, the FDA found evidence that Topamax may lead to an increased risk of fetal harm when taken during pregnancy. Specifically, the drug may cause:

These conditions, while treatable, may pose difficulties for babies early in their lives. Specifically, clefts may increase the risk of ear infection and may make feeding more difficult. Babies with these conditions should undergo corrective surgery.

While anti-seizure medications in general have been shown to increase the risks of oral clefts, Topamax may be up to three times more likely to cause the condition than similar drugs.

The FDA’s Suggestions

The FDA suggests that healthcare professionals exercise extreme caution when prescribing Topamax to expecting mothers until further evidence surfaces. The FDA also suggests that doctors only prescribe the drug to pregnant women when the benefits clearly outweigh the risks.

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